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QEYE is an Egyptian start- up specialized in the production of Smart Quality Inspection Systems based on Machine Vision technology in which smart cameras play the role of human eye in quality inspection...


Our Systems

QEYE uses Machine Vision technology to present some new systems that improve the quality of many industries. These systems automatically checks the output products from a production line to ensure its quality all the time with the same references. In addition, these systems give indications in case of quality failure besides reports about the overall quality for a time period.


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Who We Are


QEYE is an Egyptian start-up that targets to improve the production quality in many industries such as textile, plastic, paper, packaging and many other industries. QEYE Company uses Machine Vision technology as the backbone of its products where a smart industrial camera plays the role of the human eye in the quality inspection process. QEYE is the leading company in Egypt and MENA that supports products in these fields.

Currently, QEYE is focusing on the textile sector as the quality is badly needed. Spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing are the stages that need quality inspection. QEYE offers two different types of products. The first product detects the defects in the textile such as holes, cuts, different yarn intensity, etc. This product can be installed either on the production lines as Online Solution or on the manual inspection machines as Offline Solution. The second product is dedicated to check the quality of dying. It can differentiate between large scales of colors precisely.

Although, QEYE is focusing on the textile sector, QEYE can serve many other applications related with Machine Vision technology in many fields. QEYE is looking forward for co-operation with some machinery manufacturers to produce complete automated systems with smart quality inspection capabilities.

Our Technology (Machine Vision)

Machine vision has become a key technology in the area of manufacturing and quality control due to the increasing quality demands of manufacturers and customers. Machine vision systems use image capture and analyze techniques to automate tasks such as inspection, gauging, identifying, and counting. These systems use cameras mounted over production lines in order to visually inspect products in real time without operator intervention. The operation of machine vision systems can be described in the following steps:

  1. Image capturing: images can be captured not only in the visible electromagnetic spectrum but also outside this spectrum using, for instance, ultraviolet or infrared cameras.
  2. Processing: applying certain image/video processing techniques on the captured image and analyzing the results.
  3. Action: the system in control of the process takes action based on the vision system's results.


QEYE started as graduation project from Zagazig University in 2011 that was funded by ITIDA/ITAC Program and Nahdet Elmahrousa/YIA Program. The project findings were presented in the Egyptian Engineering Day EED in 2011 and published in the International Conference on Communications, Signal Processing, and their Applications (ICCSPA), AUS, UAE in 2013. On April 2013, we started QEYE as a start-up company in the field of machine vision. We managed to get incubation at TIEC starting Oct 2013 and to get funds from Nahdet El Mahrousa through Shaghal Competition to start our business. QEYE is currently entering the machine vision market with its quality inspection systems for textile industry. More machine vision systems for other industries are to come.


QEYE targets to be a leading company in Egypt and worldwide that works in providing Smart Machine Vision Solutions for different industries.


QEYE aims to spread the concept of automated quality inspection among the Egyptian and MENA region industries through providing suitable solutions for them.

Our Products

Textile Inspection System (Inspection QEYE)

It is fully automated system that uses smart industrial camera with state-of-the-art defect detection and classification software. It can:

  • Detect the textile defects
  • Classify the defects and determine their locations
  • Generate a report for each garment shows its quality level

It comes in two versions for patterned and un-patterned textile.

It can be installed on manual inspection machines or sold with inspection machine as a full solution.

Color Inspection Device (Colorful QEYE)

It is small device used to detect the surface color of a material such as yarn or fabric as required. Its output is compatible with the colors standard. It can:

  • Detect the color of a material with reference to the standard
  • Be used to categorize materials such as yarn or fabric according to their colors
  • It can be provided alone or with the colors catalog

Incubated at Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC)

Our Partners


As part of our strategy to attract national talent through providing the best job opportunities, QEYE may announce the launch of a number of special jobs that meet the aspirations of fresh graduates and experienced Engineers soon. If you find yourself qualified to join our team, send us your CV at career@qeyeco.com

In addition, QEYE maintains a list of available internships for undergraduate and graduate students from time to time. These quality internships are available for those students looking for a position or training. If you want to apply for one of these internships, send us your CV at internship@qeyeco.com

QEYE Work fields:

  • Image Processing Algorisms using Matlab and OpenCV
  • Embedded Systems Software Developing
  • Industrial Cameras Configurations
  • Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS)
  • Electronics Circuits using Microcontrollers and PCB Design
  • GUI Developing using Java, QT and Visual Basic

Contact Us

TIEC, Building B5, Smart Village
Cairo, Egypt
+20 122-9494-207